Magic Four kids of Brangelina noisy in London

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Imaagine fact, you pay 1000 bucks er night in posh suite on posh Park Lane in London in posh Dorchester Hotel and somebody told you at reception desk, god couple Angie and Brad are accomodate here.Until fact, you are sleeping in posh apartma and at 1am loud noise, stamping and scream with laugh.Not funny, it happened and not murder or cheating husband in flagranti.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were really accomodated at Dorchester Hotel, where afterparty took place after BAFTA, but they preffered to stay apart, enjoying ,simple 35 bucks a head’ Indian eaterie in South Kensington with posh friends such as Robert Downey Jr and Claudia Schiffer.Their ,cuty four children’ cought perfect manners and made noise across all sleeping Dorchester Hotel.Only one nanny guarded twins and another four children during night and it is impossible left small children, when another four bigger kids don’t listen and their mother allows them everything, from not fixed time going to bed, lack of learning — Darling, can you throw away your mess after you finish eating your chips or take away from sofa — from our royal source they eat permanently crisps, junk food and chips with ketchup and plenty of Coke, leaving mess around and soaked ketchup into sofa, throwing plastic plates around falling from their hands straigh away, Angelina Jolie buying Maddox a knife as ,normal stuff.’ Etc.Where is line between strict Madonna pushes kids — no TV, not this and no that and only this type of food and all liberal and free upbringing by Brangelina — no boundaries, no some regime, a must for small children — our royal source said, with her model mates and small babies during fashion weeks, kids are easygoing sleeping in certain hour.I wonder, how real are jokes from People’s magazine about Maddox special room for throwing knives in Long Island for this spring.It needs to be exciting moving from one place to another without work duty like gipsies and no simple rules.Well, I moved in rented holes and apartments in California and Los Angeles for 14 years.I like more life of John Depp and his family from his French estate to English and private island and back to USA and a part of year working on movies than around all globe again and again and want more kids, where unable to manage four with help of nannies, assistants and staff.I wonder, I don’t care Angelina Jolie is ideal for Guy Ritchie, used to have some regime by his mother, who was able manage some things as lady from her second marriage, with Ritchie’s former another extreme — very strict Madonna.That’s called anarch.- you can kill what you want, we haven’t rules.

I can’t wait, how will look rented pad in Long Island, if George Clooney fears from ,vacation of Brangelina’s kids on his Italian Lake Como Villa Oleandra’ for broken windows, etc.Noisy is every child, but small children need ton sleep during night and listen, not messing around in hotel and run away.


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